Chemical-Free Green Cleaning

Here’s the deal ~ Chemicals are really bad news! Did you know that the air inside most people’s homes is more polluted than the air outside?! That’s crazy.  Also, all those chemicals in cleaners are NOT regulated by our government so they can put whatever toxic crap they want to in there (and they do). So why not use biodegradable, fragrance-free cleaning products that DO NO HARM?  There are marvelous products that clean as well as any bottle of Tilex or Kaboom. Also, if you have animals and children it’s really a must that you keep toxic chemicals out of the house.

We supply and bring our own EVERYTHING:  non-toxic cleaners, vacuums, rags, dusters, mops, and cleaning products.  All you need to do is open your home to us and allow us to work our magic.  Can it be any simpler?

How We Work

We always send the THE SAME CLEANERS ~~~ ALWAYS.   We offer the following cleaning services:

  • Weekly
  • Bi-Weekly
  • Monthly 

This is when all of your worldly possessions are gone; what is left is a house that needs cleaning for either the picky landlord or the very picky new owners.  We are generally able to accommodate these one-time cleaning events.

This is when YOU are the picky one and you want the house sterilized before you dare set foot inside. Call us, we will accommodate you.

Let’s just say that your son or daughter graduates from High School or College, and you just don’t have time to make all that food, send all those invites AND clean the house…, we can probably fit ya in!

Offices are always welcome. In fact, all of the offices we clean are on our current list of satisfied clients. (check out our testimonials).  I am always happy to drop by and quote you an estimate.cropped-chg-lgo-web5.jpg