Carpet Cleaning

David Yoder is a long-time Boulderite, and I swear, everyone in this town knows him and his son-in- law. He has one of those truck van mounted cleaners and does an absolutely top notch job of carpet cleaning. He works with his brother-in-law Scott. I have been referring him out for over 7 years now and have not had one complaint. He uses this fantastic product called ArgoSheen to clean carpets. It is a superior, non-damaging, cleaning product. I tell my clients “Precision is as good as Nesh__m’s, yet half the price!” He also has a machine that cleans floor grout. Give him a call today, he may be able to give you an estimate right over the phone.

Precision Carpet Works 

Duct Cleaning

Saul is the owner and chief duct cleaner.  I have known him since 2007.  If you mention me he will give you a 10% discount on HVAC system cleaning. He also cleans out dryer vents, which makes you feel like you have a brand new dryer.  It is amazing how much better your dryer will work after the vents are cleaned out.

Flatirons Duct Cleaning

Window Cleaning

All Around Window Washing
For over 15 years Joshua Schrecongast has been washing windows in the metro area. He’s amazing.
$125 up to the first 15 windows interior  exterior  track clean and screen clean every window after that is $6.


Tami has owned her own residential painting business for over 20 years. If you want a room painted and you just don’t have time to do it yourself, she is the one to call.  She will pop by and give you a free estimate.  She also uses low or NO-VOC paints, which means no lingering chemicals in the air.  She has her crews of painters, much like I have my cleaners.  Her pricing is very competitive and above all she is just one of the nicest people you will ever work with.

Maurer Painting

Home Organization

“When I walked into Susie’s house to give her a bid on cleaning I was amazed at how open and spacious her home felt.  It is always a joy to clean  a clutter-free house. She has suceeded in finding a place for absolutely everything. Who can do that? No one that I know of, that’s for sure. You can hire her to just come and organize your kitchen or one area, and she will do just that—this gal has the energy of 3 people all rolled into one. She is more than organized, she is sweet and caring and really wants to help people to think better and live better in a clutter free environment.  I insisted on listing her here on my site.  P.S.: Don’t forget to take before and after pictures!  Ha!

boulder clean green

ClutterLess Boulder


Wendy Brown is a longtime client. She has an amazing eye for photographing babies, children, and families. Check out her website to see all of her latest work. Not only is she talented, but she is the most genuine person to meet and talk with. She has two children of her own and resides in Superior.

Wendy B. Photography


Nate Burger, owner of ECO Handyman, is just one of the best guys ever. If you’ve never used their service, give it a try. They employ wonderful people and do honest, good work. I highly recommend them!

ECO Handyman
(303) 444-2181